Croeso/welcome! to the Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation (MLMEF), an Oregon non-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. MLMEF was organized to raise public awareness of Welsh heritage in North America and to celebrate Welsh and Welsh-American culture.

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An Eisteddfod [eye-STETH-vod] is a Welsh performing arts festival, held in Wales since at least the 12th Century, when bards competed for the favor of the Lord Rhys at his court in Cardigan. Today, the National Eisteddfod of Wales celebrates dance, poetry, music, theater, prose and visual arts. Eisteddfoddau are held all over the world, wherever Welsh people settled.

The Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation organizes the West Coast Eisteddfod, a modern eisteddfod for the west coast of North America. In 2017, we are honored to join AmeriCymru in supporting the AmeriCymru Novella Prize in the New Welsh Review Writing Awards competiion, to be awarded at an event at the Hay Book Festival in Hay-om-Wye in June 2017.

photograph of David Western carving a lovespoon Poet Peter Thabit Jones
Welsh flag courtesy Wikipedia
Welsh Author Niall Griffiths
photographs of Welsh cakes in bakery window
Dr. J. Marshall Bevil with crwth

Why Meriwether Lewis? Many people don't know that Meriwether Lewis' ancestors came to the western hemisphere from Wales. Canada, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay and many other places in the west are home to treasures of Welsh heritage and the rich traditions of imagination, creativity, song and story Welsh emigrants brought with them around the world.

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